Roll up! Roll up! There’s a show on the road.

Well here it is folks.  I have put together some shots from my collection and married them to a neat little sound track.  Crank up the volume a bit because the tune is way cool.  It’s only a minute long.



I cannot say in all honesty that I am a beer/ale/lager officiando.  How can I be, I have no sense of smell.  I cannot imagine anyone could ‘know’ a good brew from a bad one without a finely tuned sense of smell.  What attracts me to the micro brewer is simply the spirit and tenacity of small business and the romance of creating a fine beer.  Of course the same goes for wine.  If I was still in South Africa perhaps I would be captivated by the small independent winemaker.  What I can do though is take a great shot of your product.  Keep an eye out for the Guinness Shot in the clip below 🙂



I have a passion for cheese making as well and soon I will be visually and otherwise sampling some fine small independent cheese makers.  If you know of any please pass this article on as I am keen to build a following in that area.  Of course it wont end there……if you have a product of any size, shape and type we would be more than happy to create an image that shows it off to best advantage.



You can get hold of me here by email or simply call on 07814 78 18 16 or use the contact page on this website here.  Oh and don’t forget to like our FaceBook and other social media page links below.



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We have you covered

Quite by accident arcphotography found itself creating book covers for clients. It started as a favour to a friend and not long after we were commissioned to produce covers. We have a huge library of 1,000’s of our own images to select from. Very often as can be seen from the selection here a cover may require some composite work, blending a number of images together to create your masterpiece. If you have a photo or photos of your own you would like us to use, no problem. As long as the quality/resolution of the image is good we are happy to use it.

Covers Collage

Some of our covers

What the cover depicts tells something of the story obviously. That process can take a little time and usually entails our reading the book and some discussion with you to get an idea of what you want to get across visually. It could be the general theme of the book or you may want to depict one particular event, scene, character. All we need is a clear idea of what your vision is and we will do our best to interpret that and submit some sample covers for your approval and comment.

Whether the cover is for a Kindle book, paperback or hardcover we are happy to oblige.  Just give us a call. email etc and let’s chat about your Pulitzer 🙂

By the way we don’t break bank balances.

Alan & Jen

Snacks and snaps

Breakfast anyone?

Breakfast anyone?

This morning whilst making breakfast I thought I would let you know about arcphotography and their food interests. My background has been in the film industry and photo equipment sales; mainly sales/management.  My partner Jen on the other hand found herself on superyachts as a chef. One or two titled dignitaries ashore added to an impressive list of satisfied palates as well.  For good measure we can add an hotel or two.


So when it comes to food photography we have both bases covered.  What to use to make the shot sizzle and how to make it a visual feast.


Whether you need a simple plate of sandwiches or snacks for your menu or a full table setting we are equipped and skilled to provide not only a cordon bleu spread but a set of photographs that are good enough to eat.


Click here to view some of our food photography.  
To get in touch with us simply email or call.  Who knows we may just rustle something up for you 😉


Why not sample our wares: Vegetarian Temptations and Seafood and eat it


Bon Apetit!


Alan & Jen


Passionate about Product

I love photographing product.  Any product.  If I had to choose a particular genre though it would have to be bottle photography.  Believe it or not photographing a bottle of wine, beer or spirit is a challenge.  Whether it be the condensation on the glass as you see here or the lighting technique required to give shape to a bottle.  A Cold One Continue reading